The OPDP endeavors to create an environment of tranquillity upon wich human life and nature prospers for posterity.


The OPDP is dedicatet to the preservation of the Ogiek culture, the protection of nature and the improvement of socio-economic opportunities by way of building the synergies of the Ogiek youth and women through education.

OPDP gives attention to the special needs of persons with disability, the youth, the elderly, social justice, peace, family stability and food security. The programme covers all the Ogiek inhabited areas in Kenya.


  1. To preserve the indigenous culture of the Ogiek people,

  2. To develop the small scale enterprise sector,

  3. To protect the environment,

  4. To increase education opportunities for Ogiek children,

  5. To promote accessibility to development incentives,

  6. To sensitize and create awareness of felt development needs among the Ogiek people through workshops and field days,

  7. To establish a resource centre to nurture community development initiatives.


The Organization has undertaken various initiatives to empower the marginalized Ogiek community politically, economically and socially. The area of focus include Civic Education on Constitutional Change, advocacy on human and land rights,  promotion of good governance through Capacity Building, gender and women empowerment on socio economic activities, development of Ogiek Bio-Cultural Protocol for protection of natural resources, promotion of good cultural practices by conducting Ogiek Annual Cultural festival.


(a)   Ordinary membership/super ordinary membership

(b)   Executive committee membership

(c)   Corporate membership

(d)   Friends of OPDP


Time has dawned for the realization of the Ogiek people`s collective capacity in nurturing a self-sufficient community`s economy.  In order to attain this goal, the strength of the youth and woman are at the core of perpetuating the prosperity of the human society.