NEWS 2014

Saturday, 22 February 2014


Ogiek Peoples Development Program (OPDP) condemns the fresh attacks and demolition of a house belonging to  one Ogiek woman Miss Emily Tanui  in Ngongongeri village, Njoro District in Nakuru County.

The demolition is a result of a conflict on a private piece of land  in the said area between Mr. Cherogony (Not his real name) an influential person and Miss. Emily who  at the time of demolition was staying in the land.

Remains of the demolished house belonging to Miss Emily Tanui

It is alleged that on 20th February around 11 am Mr.Cherogony sent his manager  tractors to plough his but were prevented by Ogiek youths who could not allow them for they believed the farm belong to Miss Emily.

On Saturday morning  Mr. Cherogony sent Police Officers and  10 other men armed with crude weapons to offer security to his tractors as they ploughed the farm. On their arrival to the farm the police demolished the house of Miss. Emily and arrested her together with Mrs. Sarah Osas an Ogiek woman who had visited Emily  before the arrival of Mr. Cherogony's  team.

Armed Police and Men with crude weapons at the farm

Mrs. Osas who was expectant and on labor pains at the time of arrest was accused of inciting the victim Miss. Emily at the time of demolition.We could not establish the status of Mrs. Osas from the police at the farm.

Belongings of Miss.Emily Tanui after the demolition

This is not the first time a demolition of an Ogiek house in Ngongongeri location. On 27th January 2014 another Ogiek house belonging to one Mr.Simon Rana was demolished few meters from the recent demolition.

OPDP recognizes this incident as violations of Human Rights of this Ogiek peoples and wishes to seek interventions from the African Court and Human Rights Bodies to prevent further violations.