A German Video about "Mau forest in danger" and also a statement from Ogiek Community OWC

February 08, 2009




March 25, 2009



Ogiek Appeal to the Kenya Government Notice to vacate Mau Forest Complex and other water towers

October 13, 2009




20.06.2011: Courtesy of Survival International - A video about the development-induced displacement of Ogiek Tribe in Kenya.



15.12.2012: Members of the minority Ogiek community have been urged to participate in the country's electoral process by contesting for political seats in the forth coming general election. The executive director of Ogiek people development program Daniel Kobei also called on the Ogiek to register as voters and vote for leaders that will implement the constitution.



31.05.2013: Speaking of Home - The story of the Mount Elgon Ogiek

The Ogiek people live on the slopes of Mount Elgon in Kenya. This documentary shows the Ogiek's relationship to their homeland and to the world. An indigenous people without official minority status in Kenya, the Ogiek have gone through evictions from their native land for decades. Time after another they have returned to their land to continue living in the forest. The documentary is the Ogiek's story, in their own words, of their hopes before the 2013 Kenyan elections. It was filmed in Chepkitale, Mt. Elgon in 2012 during a mapping workshop. Through developing a map of their land, the Ogiek not only strengthen their cultural identity, but can show that the land said to belong to someone else, is rightfully theirs.



They call themselves the guardians of the forest. Their way of life is built around hunting and gathering while safeguarding the forests, yet since colonial times, the Ogiek people have been embroiled in battles with successive regimes over persistent attempts to eject them from the forest. And it is a struggle that continues to dog their lives, as Wilkister Nyabwa reports.



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26.05.2017: Ogiek community win forced eviction case against Kenya in African Court

Ogiek community win forced eviction case against Kenya in African Court